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What is BYNMIX?

BYNMIX is an ecosystem of up-and-coming or established bloggers, designers, and for those who generally love fashion. A one-stop-shop App for your fashion cravings.
Whether its discovering bloggers that fit your style and fashion sense, or browsing through the marketplace to find your next great outfit, BYNMIX is designed to offer this and more
Browse & Discover

Find and follow fashionistas based on brands and tags you’ve used and/or arefollowing,as well as blogger height and body type preferences (if included).

Browse your feed to see the latest listings and posts fashionistas have added tothe ecosystem.

Or browse the ecosystem for latest posts and listings to discover what’s new.

Shop & Read

Shop for pre-loved and brand new clothes, shoes and accessories that fashionistashave listed for sale.

If you're an up and coming blogger, add your posts, vlogs, podcast posts, etc andgather a following.

Read blog posts from trendy influencers and bloggers on topics you love.

Watch vlogs from influencers and bloggers on a variety of inspirational and fun topics.

Bid, Purchase & Collect

Bid on the latest and unique selection of items sold by others on BYNMIX.

Don't feel like accepting offers? Simply list items up for sale at a set price.

Tired of lowball offers? Set a minimum limit.

Collect points when buying and selling and use those points to redeem for great products (coming soon!).

Seamlessly print out shipping labels and ship out your orders. Track and get notified of packages in transit and when delivered.

Our Mission

We follow the golden rule - both companywide and to all our Bynmix fans.

What do we mean when we say we follow the golden rule?
We are an empathetic bunch who strive to treat every one with respect - both within the company walls and to each and every one of our Bynmix fashionistas. This means that we take customer satisfaction seriously and we uphold the best customer care and consideration for each and every interest that comes our way.
In addition, we believe that influencers have the ability to do good, and we fully embolden this. We want to build a platform where people can express themselves and build their unique, influencing niche. We encourage doing good and empowerment of all kinds, especially when it's paired with lifestyle and fashion.
With the ever growing issue of global climate change, fast fashion is certainly no exception. We want to encourage recycling pre-loved clothing and goods because there are so many benefits in doing so. Here are just a few reasons why:
1. Let's do our part to eliminate fast fashion and reduce waste that harm the planet we live on. Let's also reduce the amount of essential resources used in creating fast fashion and allocate that elsewhere to more important matters.
2. Whether it's to declutter, make some more income, or a bit more cash to help pay for that hard earned vacation to Aruba, let's encourage the entrepreneur in each and every one of us by giving you the service and tools needed to help sell your pre-loved goods.
3. Let's inspire to treat possessions with more care so that when we do decide to part with our pre-loved items, that they are handed to the next person in prestine condition. Trust us, your shoppers will be much happier!

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